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Bring lost window to main monitor


Q. I've opened my application on a computer hooked up to 2 monitors, when I uplugged one of the monitors, I can't see some of my applications. They are on the task bar, but nothing happens when I hit "restore".

A. This happens with applications that remember their location on the desktop. Even though you've disconnected the monitor, the application still thinks that it is connected. The process to fix this issue is quite simple:



1. Make sure that the window is not minimized. Right-click on the tab on the task bar and click "Restore". This way the proper window will get selected. If it is restored, make sure you've got it selected with Alt + Tab.


2. Next, right click on the tab again and choose "Move"


3. Finally, when the following cursor appears on the screen, use your arrow keys (Up, Down, Left and Right) to bring the screen back.


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