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Sharing outlook folders


How to give other people access to my calendar in outlook?

Setting permissions on the Calendar you want to share

1. Open Outlook as the user that needs to share their calendar.

2. Right-click on ‘Calendar’ and click on Properties as shown below

3. A new window should pop up. Click on the ‘Permissions Tab’ (see the picture below)


4. From the permissions tab, Click on the ‘Add’ Button

5. Double click on the users that need to have access to this calendar. (see the picture below)


6. When you are finished, click ‘Ok’

7. Click on each user and assign the permissions necessary for that user. Click ‘Read Items’ for read access, and ‘Create Items’ for write access to the calendar. When you are finished, click ‘Ok’

8. Right-click on ‘Outlook Today’ and select ‘Properties for ‘Outlook Today’’

9. On the Window that shows up, click on the ‘Permissions’ Tab. You should see a screen similar to the following:

10. Click on the ‘Add’ Button

11. Double-click on the users that need access to the calendar, and click ‘Ok’



12. You should be back at the ‘Outlook Today’ properties. Select the users that need access to the calendar, and check the ‘Folder Visible’ permission, as shown below, and click ‘Ok’:


13. The calendar permissions are now setup! The next thing we need to do is add this calendar on the other person’s Outlook client.

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