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MS Exchange does not send out right away


Problem: I've just installed MS Small Business Server and among all other problems, the server does not send out emails right away

Solution: This happens because MS SBS exchange by default sends out emails every hour. To fix this problem, do the following:

  1. Open Exchange System Manager
  2. Expand the following: Administrative Groups > first administrative group > Routing Groups > first routing group > Connectors
  3. Right click on "Internet Mail SMTP Connector"
  4. Under "Delivery Options" tab, make sure that "Specify when messages are sent through this connector" is checked
  5. Under "Connection time" select "Always Run"
  6. Click "Ok" and close all other windows


PS: I would really like to know the point of making once per hour connections. I see no reasonable explanation, except slowing down your communication. (Conserving traffic was brought up, but I hardly think this is the case since the same emails will be piled up and sent at once - which can cause even more delays) If some one knows - please share with us.

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