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Changing Drive Letter in Windows XP


Q: I've put a USB disk in my computer and it keeps changing the drive letters. How do I change it back?

A: When you plug in new drives windows automatically assigns a letter to it, but sometimes its not the one that you want. Here are the steps to change the drive letter:

  1. Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools
  2. Click on "Computer Management"
  3. Go into "Storage" -> "Disk Management" and select the drive that you want to change
  4. Right click on the drive and choose "Change drive letter and paths"
  5. Click "Change", select the letter that you wish to change to from the drop down
  6. Click "Assign the following drive letter"
  7. Click "Ok" and then "Yes" to the warning.
You will not be able to change the boot or system drive letter. Many Windows programs make references to a specific drive letter (eg. path variables). If you modify the drive letter, these programs may not function correctly.

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